Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Let's make some soap

I had some girlfriends over a few weeks ago to teach them all how to make laundry detergent. This was one of my Goals for 2010 and I'm happy to report that we've used my homemade detergent almost exclusively since January 1st. I have a container of commercial detergent in the laundry room for the times that I run out of the homemade stuff and don't have time to make it, but still have laundry to do.

The recipe makes a large portion, so since January I've only had to make it three times.

I've posted to recipe before (click here), so this post will just document it in pictures.

Cast of characters - Fels Naptha, Borax and Washing Soda
Cut up the Fels Naptha
Once the Fels Naptha melts, then you stir in the washing soda and borax. Stir until it's melted (this part only takes about a minute). Then pour into a plastic storage container (it must have a lid). Then add additional water.
David helped stir.

My batch needed some more water. If you can't tell, the wooden spoon is sticking straight up in the soap. It gels pretty hard, but you can add however much water you want to make it to the consistency you like.

Overall, I'm very happy with this detergent. It saves a ton of money and cleans very well. I do use Oxy Clean in addition to the detergent but only when washing David's baseball uniforms and practice clothes. I just think it helps get the extra dirty stains out.


al said...

yay for soap!

Kylee said...

Thanks for your thoughts on my blog the other day! I always love hearing from people that have been or are currently involved in foster care. It is such a unique thing (unfortunately too unique) and I don't have many friends that really "get" me and understand me.

Your son is adorable and I think that is so exciting you're considering fostering again. Keep me updated on your journey, if you don't mind!

Have a wonderful week!