Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer Vacation has started!

We arrived in Phoenix yesterday for our family vacation. So thankful to be spending 12 days with my two favorite boys.

We rented a car through Hertz and the Hertz #1 Gold Club was the best service ever. We walked to the parking deck and our SUV was in a spot labeled with our names with the keys in the door. WHAT? After working for Enterprise and knowing how things are done there, this service was fantastic. We drove out of the parking deck, showed them our ID, and left. Awesome!

We ate dinner at Brad's favorite Phoenix restaurant - called the:
It was delicious. A man came and made David a balloon animal in the shape of a motorcycle.
In the restaurant they have a tin slide to get from the first story to the second story. There is some kind of history to this tin slide, which I can't remember right now. Before dinner we slid down it to get to the first level and after dinner David slid probably 35 more times. He had a blast.

Today we are headed out to the Apache Trail for some desert views and swimming. More on that later....

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Gulsah Boye said...

What a great story Bethany and Brad. Your photos are wonderfull too. Sounds like it was a great trip. Keep on posting and keep on renting from Hertz. We are thrilled to read your experience with our Gold Service.

Journey On!