Friday, April 30, 2010

Update on Fostering - Part II

So I know I updated y’all recently that we were putting fostering on the back burner. Well, things have changed since then. Brad and I talked about it and realistically our house may not sell for 6 months or a year (in this market)….so why would we not foster since we can…and we have the room…and the love to share? Plus our paperwork is almost finished. SO, it starts again. We will still move forward with getting our house ready to sell and on the market, but in the meantime hopefully have a foster child.

Last night, Brad and I completed most of the remaining paperwork for DHR. We now just have to get physicals and then the ball will be in DHR’s court. It sounds like we could have a home study within a few weeks of them getting our paperwork. J David sat at the dining room table with us last night and we told him that we were signing papers so we could have a foster child soon. He told us that he wants a baby. When I asked him why he said, “because they are so cute.” I agree, buddy.

So…we’ll see what happens. Hopefully we can get our physicals done in the next week or so and then all we have to do is submit everything to DHR. We’re getting closer!

Oh, and on a somewhat related note – growing up (well from 9th grade on) we had foster children. The first three girls I remember the most because they lived with us for a while and well, they were the first girls we had. I was also still living at home while they were there. Well, last night two of them found me on Facebook. As we were sitting down to complete the paperwork for DHR Brad and I both got a friend request from Autumn and Renee. No freaking way! The girls (who are biological siblings) lived with us for a couple of years and were adopted (along with their little brother) by a fabulous family the week after we got married (in 1998). I still have a picture of them on my wedding day with me sitting on my desk at work. So it’s been 12 years since I’ve seen them. Now, through Facebook, I was able to see what they’ve been up to all these years. They look as beautiful as I remember them. Autumn is married and has an adorable 2 month old daughter and Renee is in her first year of college and wants to go into the medical field. It makes my heart so happy to know that they are doing well. Even if I won’t get to see them face to face, now we can connect on Facebook. Awesome!

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