Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Goals for 2010 - Update #2

I listed an update to my 2010 goals here. Well, I've started working on another one of them recently:

Send thank you notes for things I wouldn’t normally send them for

I (almost always try to) send (handwritten) thank you notes for normal stuff (gifts, meals provided when I had my surgeries, favors people do for me, etc). If you are reading this and I haven't formally sent you a hand written notice consider this my apology because I forgot (or thought I had already done so).

Anyhow.....sending other random thank you notes is what I really wanted to do this year. And I sent one today.

Here's the story: I was super sick last week and went to the doctor. In this doctor's office is a pharmacy. I went to the pharmacist before I was even seen by the doctor and explained that I didn't have my insurance (Rx) card and couldn't even remember who my prescription insurance was through. I know, awesome, right. Talk about being prepared. I was feeling awful and I wondered if she could figure out who my insurance was with by the time I was finished seeing the doctor. The sweet lady took my information and I told her I previously have had Rx's filled at Walmart and CVS.

In the exam room I saw a great young doctor (intern possibly). I got stuck 3 times by a nurse (who sucked) that couldn't find any veins in my body. Got my head x-ray'd. Had a q-tip jammed so far up my nose I thought it was touching my brain. Had another q-tip pushed to the back of my throat it almost made me vomit. And fell asleep on the exam table (I was in there for about 90 minutes all together). After all the lab stuff was done they determined I had a pretty serious sinus infection. Another nurse came in and gave me two shots and told me to go to the pharmacy to have my Rx's filled.

By the time I walked from the exam room to the pharmacy (a whole 30 seconds) the sweet pharmacist already had all 4 of my Rx's filled and just told me what I owed. I paid my bill and left.

I seriously think this was the best customer service I've had. Ever. I was feeling terrible and feeling like my head was going to explode....so to be able to walk up and pay for my Rx's was just the best thing ever.

So, my first random (handwritten) thank you note when to that pharmacist. She went above and beyond what I would ever expect to provide excellent customer service. I don't have any monthly Rx's, but I will get all my new Rx's filled at this pharmacy going forward. It's a small place and I liked the service and the home town feel.

If you live in my area....it's the U-Save Pharmacy next to the YMCA across from Greystone.

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