Sunday, February 6, 2011

Because I'm cleaning out

I was doing some early spring cleaning last week. I went through a cedar chest that we have (that was given to us from Brad's grandparents)....and tossed a bunch of stuff. Some of it was junk and some of it was sentimental. I've realized hanging onto some stuff just isn't necessary. It's just things. I still kept the really sentimental stuff (like my diplomas, year books, baby blankets), but also tossed all of my trophies.

I had to take pictures before I tossed them (simply for memories) here they are....

My (only) science fair award -

I was never known as the smart kid - but somehow I won first place in 1988. That would have been 2nd grade. I'm pretty sure this is the year that my science project was on bubbles. For real. I remember my dad helping make bubbles (using Dawn dish soap, glycerin, water and probably something else). We made a ton of bubbles out in front of our house. It was a lot of fun. And I won first place. The picture is proof. I have no idea what I learned about bubbles or wrote on the tri-fold board, but I remember it was cool. Or this could have been my project on clouds. I really can't remember. But still - I won first place. Amazing.

After elementary school I was just the choir kid. I had honors classes, trig and physics...but I didn't really excel in any of those. But I did sing - in musical theatre, church choir and school choir.

Here are some awards for choir -

I honestly don't remember getting these, but I'm sure at the time it was very exciting.

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Capable Girl said...

Love the science fair trophy! It's so Jetson's.

Next time I see you I will expect a full report on bubbles...