Friday, February 4, 2011

Denver - Girls Night Out

Angie and two of her girlfriends took me clubbing in downtown Denver while I was in town. We stayed in a fabulous place on the 29th floor and had the best views.

I am not a clubber. I do not go clubbing. And Lord knows I do NOT dance. Ever. I'm more of a people watcher. But Angie insisted and I'm glad she did - the evening turned out great.

Angie, Jennie and Linsday, before we left. They are sexy girls!

We went to Club Beta downtown. We got there at 9 pm. So, 9 pm is a little (okay, so WAY) to early to show up. We were literally the first four people there. Luckily, the cover charge was free for women on Friday nights. Woo-hoo.

We started out with a shot....

Then because we were all alone Angie started doing cartwheels:

Lindsay and Angie were doing the cat walk (please notice that we really are the only ones in the whole place):

Angie decided to be 'one with the wall':

Because it was a little boring on the dance floor we spent a bit of time in the bathroom (I KNOW, odd) with our new friend Evie. She works the bathroom. For real. She had gum, hair spray, tampons, perfume, washcloths and soap that she'd give you. Of course a tip is expected. She was actually kind of cool and we spent a while talking with her over the course of the night.

The only time I've been anywhere with a bathroom attendant was when we were in New York City. See....I told you I don't get out much. Apparently this is common in the clubs. To keep things like this from happening:

Then we went to Jackson's, where the cover charge was $5 for women and free beer until midnight. I do not drink beer. It tastes like pee (not like I've ever tasted pee...but if I had to imagine what pee tastes like - it would taste like beer). However, since I was already on the inebriated side - I decided free Blue Moon beer actually tastes okay. Who knew?

We left Jackson's after a few beers and went back to Club Beta. By then there were more people there. We went upstairs and took some pictures in the photo booth. Why would we pay $5 per for 5 pictures on a little tiny sheet when I could take them for free with my camera?

This is proof of where all we went that night, we even got a VIP stamp:

After leaving Club Beta we walked to Illegal Petes which is a restaurant that stays open late serving awesome nachos and playing loud music.

At the end of the evening, we walked back to the free Mall Ride and hopped a ride to our place. Thankfully, none of us went overboard drinking so we all woke up feeling just fine. It was a really fun night and I'm glad we went out, you know, clubbing. I got to know some of Angie's friends and see parts of downtown Denver I wouldn't have had the chance to see otherwise.

Here's the morning view - I could get use to this - see the peak in the center of the picture directly below? That's Pikes Peak. Brad, David and I drove up it last May on our summer vacation out west.

Thanks, Angie, Lindsay & Jennie for such a fun night!


al said...

I'm so glad you went out and had yourself a fun time!!! And didn't break your leg!

Rachel said...

Clubbing is FUN!!!! Of course, I don't drink, so it's the dancing and the people I'm into. Looks like you had an awesome time, and I'm so glad you did.