Thursday, July 1, 2010

My favorites

I've posted below some of my very favorite pictures from our trip out west.....

I'm not sure what this tree/plant is, but it's beautiful. I'm pretty sure I took this in Aspen, CO. Anyone know what it's called?
On the train ride from Silverton, CO to Durango, CO.
This is one of the faces that David makes when putting on chapstick. He would do it and exaggerate his facial expressions to get us to laugh. It's funny stuff.
Ready to go down the Alpine Slide. I love this picture of my two boys.
Just after we soared above the Grand Canyon in that helicopter.
At the Grand Canyon.

We took this out of the side of the train. I'm not exactly sure what it is about this picture that I love, maybe the blue sky and the rocks.

Colorado Rockies.

On our Lime Creek forest road detour (4x4 required) we came across this amazing lake in the middle of a mountain. There were lily pads everywhere. It was beautiful.

And this is my VERY FAVORITE picture. Precious, huh?

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Rachel said...

Those are all SOOO awesome!!!