Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The end of All Stars

Well after 3 weeks of All Stars baseball, it's over. We lost against Moody last night...so that ended our attempt to win the state championship. But we should have won. :(

Unfortunately, we didn't like the head coach. He is a nice guy but we we felt a LOT of frustration with him....and so did all the parents and other coaches....so it wasn't just us. He did what he thought was best for his son....not what was best for the team. He played his son at first base and he was not good at catching balls...even those thrown right into his glove. And that's kinda important when you play first base. Ya know? His son made a few good plays, but should never have been playing first.

He actually took David off of 3rd after the first tournament (reason: unknown, he never told David why he did it, awesome, I know). But last night the 3rd baseman was out of town so he put David back on 3rd and he did fantastic. He got lots of outs and didn't let a single ball get past him. Clearly, he should have been playing 3rd for all tournaments. Now we know.

No, I'm not bitter. Much.

I can promise you that David will NOT play on a team that he's coaching next year.

Anyhow....the boys did great and we got to know a great group of people. Some of the boys will even be at his school next year and maybe even in his kindergarten class.

Can't wait for next year!

Here's a recap of All Stars and what has transpired over the past 3 weeks:

9 - number of 2 hour practices
10 - number of days at the ball park for tournaments
14 - number of games in those 10 days
1 - number of times he had 3 games in the same day
2 - number of times he had 2 games in the same day
19 - number of days in the last 22 days that we were at the ball field for a game or practice
28 - number of hours we've spent in the sun
15 - number of loads of laundry I've done solely to make sure he has a clean practice or game uniform
80 - number of dollars we spent getting into the tournaments each weekend
24 - number of bottles of water we've gone through
18 - number of Gatorade bottles we've gone through

All Stars was fun for us all, but also very tiring. While I am sad it's over, I'm kinda glad to get back to some normalcy. But that won't last long, since football starts in mid-July. Can't wait to see how David handles football....he's excited now and I'm hoping that will continue once the season starts and he's practicing in 95 degree heat.

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