Thursday, October 15, 2009

Vacations are awesome

We are in Cherokee, NC right now - on vacation. It's fantastic. Since David has been around we've never taken a long vacation before. All of our vacations were either long weekends (often to Gatlinburg) or to Florida to see family. That's fun and all...but there's nothing quite like getting away for 10 whole days. Ten days away from work....hallelujah! Ten days away from Highway 280 traffic. Ten days away from house work (well, I still have house work to do on the camper - dishes, sweeping the dirt out, laundry - in a laundry room, ewwww). And ten days to do whatever we want. Love that last part!

Normally I find myself happy as Thursday night rolls around knowing that there is only one more day of work...however this week I'm so sad. This means that our vacation is almost over. We leave Cherokee tomorrow morning to drive to Stone Mountain, GA. We'll spend the evening with my dad (who will just drive over for a couple of hours since he has to work early Saturday morning), spend Saturday there doing the Stone Mountain stuff and leave Sunday morning to drive home. See...vacation is more than 3/4 over. Sad. But I'm thankful for this time we've taken off - so I shall not complain.

I have a fabulous and amazing friend who is house sitting for us this week. Laura takes great care of our pups and cat. She's awesome. By having her at home I don't worry for a second about the animals. Love her.

I'm typing this on a laptop and don't have any pictures to share. I'll have a post coming up soon with pictures of David's b/day party from 2 weekends ago and then from this vacation. We've done a lot of things and also a lot of nothing at the same time.

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Rachel said...

That's awesome!! We have literally NEVER taken a vacation that long.... it sounds TOTALLY dreamy. Enjoy!