Tuesday, October 6, 2009

David's 5th Birthday Weekend

Last week/weekend we celebrated David's birthday....pretty much every day. Sunday we went to dinner with some girlfriends (David was the only boy, but he didn't care). My friend, Amy, was moving out of town so a couple girlfriends went to dinner. The band (of a couple of guys and a big water jug) sang Happy Birthday to David. The jug didn't sing (and I'm not meaning one of the guys was a water jug....I mean they used the jug as a drum). They served him a sopapilla(?). It was pretty good...and he thought it was cool.
Me, David, Amy, Lila (her twin, Grayson, stayed home that night), Heather and Allison.
Tuesday I took off at 2:30 and went to David's school to celebrate his actual birthday with his class. I made a killer cookie cake and another mom brought in cup cakes (a friend of David's was born on the exact same day as David).
Cayden and David (Cayden is the boy who shares David's same birthday).
Ms. Maria is David's 5k teacher. She's super sweet.After we celebrated with his class we left to go to the park for an hour or so. Then we met up with a friend for dinner at Pettrucelli's. The waitress knew it was David's birthday (the helium balloons I brought in and sat on the table gave it away) and after dinner she brought him a great big piece of cake with ice cream. Cara and I sang him Happy Birthday (quietly, so we didn't embarrass him).

On Thursday night David's Pa Pop rode his motorcycle up from Florida to spend the weekend with us. He stayed home on Friday with Pa while Brad and I went to work. They had fun hanging out (went to breakfast at IHOP, then Lowe's, then met me for lunch at my office, then to the BMW motorcycle store, then to the park).

I'll share pictures of his b/day party later. I'm heading to bed now.

Can't believe my boy is already 5 years old!

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Rachel said...

How awesome! Week-long birthdays are the best!!

He is so handsome!!