Sunday, October 18, 2009

Trout Fishing

I have way too many pictures to post right now (almost 600, in fact....but don't worry I won't post them all...I just need to go through them to decide which ones I do want to post) I'm just going to share some pictures from our day at the trout farm.

We found a fantastic rainbow trout farm just outside of Bryson City, NC. On the way to the farm we saw some beautiful property...including this one. I could definitely live here.

The man who owns the property lives there in this cute little cabin. Love it.

We were there for over an hour but actually fished for about 15 minutes. We caught 7 fish in that time. The fish were sure biting.

We caught almost 12 indicated by the scale. At $4.50 per pound plus the cost to filet all 7, we spent about $4.30 per filet...not too bad.

We had a really fun time fishing and will definitely plan to do it again next time we visit North Carolina. And if you ever go up there don't waste your time at an actual river...a couple guys I talked to fished several hours one afternoon and caught NOTHING. And look what we caught in 15 minutes. I know, I know...some people enjoy the thrill of the catch. Not us...we just like actually catching something! :)

I'll post more pictures from the trip shortly.

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