Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Special Day

Today is a special day for our family. Five years ago a little boy was brought into our lives...and our lives have never been the same since. Brad and I love him so much and are so blessed to be his mom and dad.

Today I left work early to go to go to school for his 3pm snack. I made a killer cookie cake and brought some balloons to celebrate. It turns out one of his best buddies shares the exact same birthday as David. His mom brought in cupcakes too. So....we had cookie cake and cupcakes and apple juice for snack. It was fun. His teacher and the staff at his school are fabulous and they were very welcoming to me. I enjoyed our visit.

Right after snack we left to go to the park. David played and swung and played some more. He had a great time. We were there for about an hour before we left to go meet a friend for dinner. Brad is out of town right now, so it was just David, Cara and me. Cara's birthday is on Friday so we kinda celebrated both birthdays tonight. I brought the same balloons from the school party to the restaurant so everyone would know we had a birthday boy at the table. The waitress was fabulous....she brought David a nice big piece of cake and icecream for us all to share...with a candle on top. He loved it. We quietly sang happy birthday to him (so we didn't embarrass him). At the end of dinner David and Cara were playing the "You are a....." game. They called each other animals, insects and natural disasters (i.e. You are a earth worm, You are a tornado, You are a fast hummingbird, etc). It's a silly thing we do often.

We are really looking forward to his party on Saturday. Brad's dad will be here and my mom and Clint are driving over from Atlanta. Several friends will be there too. The weather is supposed to be PERFECT - in the low 70's with no rain. Fall is here, y'all.

So....happy birthday to Big Dave! We love you, buddy!

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Rachel said...

Birthdays are so fun!! Happy Birthday, David!