Thursday, May 28, 2009

Visit from Pa Pop

Last weekend Brad's dad (Pa Pop) flew in for a visit. It was great to have him here (even though I rained a LOT). He came in this particular weekend because it was David's last t-ball game. It got rained out, but we still celebrated the end of the season at the local pizza place with all of his new little friends.

We dodged most of the rain on Saturday by driving to the Montgomery Zoo. I was surprised to see that M'gomery Zoo was way better than Birmingham's. We are lucky to have any zoo in our town, but I'll drive to M'gomery any time to go to that zoo. We had a nice time and ended the day by eating ice cream cones while sitting about 25 feet away from two lions and 6 giraffes. Pa Pop is the only one with a camera that day - so I have no zoo pictures to show.

However, below are a few pictures from the day he left. Sorry, Pa, if you are reading this, that you almost missed your flight. Next time we'll get you to the airport more than 20 minutes before your flight is scheduled to leave!
We drove to the back of the airport to watch if Pa's plane was going to take off on time. It took off a few minutes late (we understood why later....Pa called and said they were calling his name over the intercomm and he showed up just as they were closing the door to the plane). :)

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