Saturday, May 30, 2009


Last weekend we went to the Children's Hands on Museum and the Space and Rocket Museum in Huntsville. It rained in Birmingham all day but we dodged the rain and drove to Hunstville. It was a last minute idea but a good one. We only encountered about 5 minutes of a light shower when we were eating lunch and then about 5 minutes on the drive back home down I-65.

We had a great time and of course David loved looking at the rockets and space shuttle. A man even showed us how to make our own rocket using a film canister, water and alkaseltzer.

Since David wants to be a doctor (because he gets to wear gloves) he thought this life size Operation game was pretty awesome. He played it for quite some time and was pretty good.
Brad was controlling a robotic arm by using a couple joysticks and some buttons. He was able to successfully pick up one of those colorful balls. I was not.
Playing with some sort of black magnet dust stuff. It was a neat exhibit, but they warned us not to touch our eyes afterwards. Luckily, we had no eye issues here.
All in all, we had a great time in Hunstville. It's a nice city and we enjoyed the day spending time together.

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Rachel said...

FUN! I didn't know that they had a hands-on museum up there. . .I wonder if my McWane Pass would get us in? I'm sure that Ali would love it.