Tuesday, June 2, 2009

First Day

Last Friday was David's last day at his old school. He had been at the same place for 4 years - he began in the infant room and just finished his 3K school year last week. We have met some wonderfully amazing people through his old school (2 friends that we will keep contact with forever) so it was kind of hard to leave. We knew moving David was the right decision though.

At his new school he is now with friends that will probably go to elementary school with him, I no longer have to drive 8 miles out of the way to drop him off at school, they have water play 3 times a week (which he loves), they feed him a healthy breakfast in addition to the lunch and snacks he'll get, and Brad can now help drop him off. Before his school was so far out of the way for Brad that I took him 99% of the time. Now we can share in those duties (and I hope to start going to the gym in the morning some too).

So yesterday was David's first day at his new school. Brad and I both dropped him off. We showed Brad around his classroom and then he kissed David and left. I went and sat down with David at a table of older boys. We started playing blocks - David was shy, but was playing well with them. When I got up to leave he did get a little emotional (no real tears, just wimpers) and he clung to my neck. After 200 million kisses (you'll understand this number if you really know David) I was able to leave. He sat with one of the teachers and let me leave without any fuss! I was so pleased.

We asked him to remember a couple things yesterday and tell us when we picked him up:
1) A new friends name
2) What he ate for lunch
3) Something he did during the day

When we got home he told his his new friends name is Cayden, he ate spaghetti, fruit, and green beans for lunch and he played outside in the water. Good job for remembering what we wanted him to tell us! :)

I completely forgot to take my camera yesterday, but it probably was a good thing - since we didn't want to make a big deal about it. I'll get some pictures later this week of his classroom and teachers. I KNOW Holly and Lisa will want to see theses so they can approve of his new place.

He had a great day and was so excited to tell us about it. I am relieved that he's happy there and know that he'll do well.

I just wonder how many sugars he'll give Ms. Q. (that's for you, Lisa)!

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