Saturday, April 4, 2009

This ones for Pa

So it's been way too long since I've posted. Since we got our iphones I haven't really been online much at home, since I can surf the web from my phone, but updating my blog is impossible via the iphone so I've neglected to do so. Sorry, Pa. I think you are the only one that reads this....but I do need to keep it updated more often so you know what's going on up here in the 'ham.

So in the past few months David has learned to ride his bike without training wheels, finished up his basketball season and started t-ball, and we went to North Carolina to see our Bulldogs last b-ball game of the season. The weather has been really great so we've been able to spend time outside almost every day (even after work because it stays light enough until about 7:00). We play basketball, let David ride his bike, swing or jump on the trampoline. The trampoline part is my favorite...I feel like such a kid again when I'm jumping. I play basketball with the boys, but they are BOTH better than me. We've finally taken the training wheels off of his dirt bike! The first time he rode he did pretty good and only dropped it a couple of times with no real crashes. He hasn't wanted to practice much lately - I think he's still pretty nervous about we are slowly encouraging him to ride again. Even just five minutes here and there will do him good without wearing him out.

Today was a really busy day - David had his first t-ball game. He was so stinking cute in his baseball outfit. I have pictures to share, but don't have access to them right now....will get those posted soon (promise!). He did really good and hit the ball hard all three times he was at bat.

After t-ball (and a nap) we went to hunt Easter Eggs with my very good friend Wylma. Her neighborhood does a really good egg hunt every year and she invites us (she's definitely like a grandma to David). The Easter bunny was there and we took a hay ride around the neighborhood too. David had a really fun time and with over 700 eggs hidden he had plenty to find. Again, pictures will follow.

Last weekend we went to the feed store and bought some seeds to start our garden. Our good friends, Randle and Katrina invited us over and she and I planted seeds together. That day we planted spinach, lettuce, okra, watermelon, tomato, squash, cauliflower, zucchini, black beans, green beans, cilantro, basil and italian parsley (many, many thanks to Katrina for the seeds and seed starters). In just a few days we already have sprouts on out lettuce and green beans!

To finish up our day, Brad helped me build a raised vegetable garden for these seeds to be transplanted to in a few weeks. I got the plan from the bed from (my favorite website) and it was super easy to do. Now we just have to have some dirt delivered to fill it and the seeds to continue growing so we'll have something to plant in a few weeks.

This was a fantastic Saturday. We were busy all day, but it was a relaxing kind of busy.

We have finally finished painting the last coat of paint on out built in bookshelves. It has to cure for 7 next weekend we'll hopefully finish up the office project by geting all the books on the bookshelves and get the office organized....finally. This is the never ending project...that has just gone on forever and ever it seems.

Our next spring project is to build a brick patio out back for the grill. When we built our house (over 3 years ago) we kept the loose left over bricks with the intent to use them somehow. We've finally decided to build a patio. We have about 250 bricks for the job and hope it's enough.

So this is what we've been up to.

We can't wait for our family vacation at the end of this month. We are going to a campground in Florida with Brad's family. It will be a great and relaxing trip together. Will post about that after it happens.

Well, I know this is a pretty boring post since I don't have any pictures to share. I'll get some loaded on the computer soon. More to come.....

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