Thursday, May 8, 2008

Pictures from Durhamtown

Here are a few pictures of our trip to Durhamtown, as promised.

Brad had so much fun in a nasty mud puddle, he only stopped riding this time because he couldn't see (check out his goggles)....David and I were in the other kart at the time, but I so badly wanted to go play too! Maybe next time:
R & L rode their dirt bikes most of the weekend, here is a picture of R and just below is a picture of his daughter and our niece, S. She is so cute out there riding on her dirt bike. She got braver and braver each day.
In this picture David is watching S, R and L ride around the Pee-Wee track. R & L rode on the big track too, but had a lot of fun on the Pee-Wee track with S too. David is a bit dirty in this picture and I thought about trying to Photoshop it but realized that would take away from the reality of just how dirty we all got!

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