Sunday, May 4, 2008

Durhamtown Plantation

We took a few days off work last week to take the go-karts to Durhamtown with Brad's family. We had an incredible time. The cabin wasn't quite the Hilton, but it was better than some hotels I've stayed in. We had a sink, a small fridge, a bathroom and a couple of beds. We cooked all of our food over our gas grill or cook top, and of course had smores every night.

We went out a couple hours a day and still didn't hit all the trails. Brad's brother and sister-in-law ride dirt bikes, so we watched them and some other friends on the MX track. I don't even know how to ride a bike, but I wish I did, they all looked like they were having so much fun. A little 4 year old boy we got to know was riding his little dirt bike like a champ. Not sure David is ready for 2 wheels, so we are thinking about getting him a 50cc 4-wheeler for his birthday. The little boy kept asking David if he would be his best friend - kids are so stinking cute!

On our first day S and I went for a ride and R & L were leading us. S was asking to go through some we hit a pretty big mud pit going rather fast, but we got stuck. Not only did we get stuck, but the literal wave of mud that flew over us made us both hold our breath for fear of drowning. It was pretty yuck. S and I got out and she was just squealing and kept saying over and over "That was awesome". Of course her nice white and red gear is now brown and red! R & L came back and he pulled us out with his 4-wheeler after I dug about 8 inches of Georgia red clay mud around from the front tire.

On our last day there the girls went out for a ride (some of the moms hung with their kids the entire time and didn't ride at all). L had her 4-wheeler and the other 4 of us ladies rode in our two karts. L wanted to go on the extreme mud we did. The mud puddles weren't deep enough to get stuck in, but they were wet enough to get drenched. One of the girls is a germophobe, so I was worried about her hating the ride (and being drenched in stinky mud), but she was a trooper. One of the karts had a bit of engine trouble and L got stuck but between the 5 of us we got her un-stuck. We towed the other kart out of the trail until the engine dried out and then went on more trails. We were gone for about 2 hours...and had a great time. Next time, hopefully we'll do a girls-only ride more than once.

Apparently, the go-karts were the hit of the weekend.

Right across from the cabin was a small track for bicycles. David loved running around out there all day long and even driving his battery powered 4-wheeler down there. He rode that thing around like he was big stuff. He'd stand up and point his elbows out like he was really going fast. It was so cute. I'm anxious to see how he'll handle a real 4-wheeler!
The weekend was great and we've already talked about our next trip over with the family and their friends.

I'll post some pictures later, they are still on my camera.

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