Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 4 Post Op

In the reading materials that my surgeon provided it said that days 2 and 3 post surgery would be the worst days and eventually the pain would ease off after day 3. Apparently my body isn't ready to accept that it's now day 4.

It's crazy to think that 24 hours after my surgery I was sitting at the ball field cheering (but still quietly cheering) David's team to victory.....and now 96 hours (that would be 4 days) post surgery I'm pretty miserable and wouldn't have even considered going to a game tonight.

I'm glad that I knew this pain and these feelings would come and I figured I was prepared for them....however, they can go ahead and move it along.

I'm hurting. My stitches are poking out of my incisions to healthy skin which is causing it to get really irritated. I'm itching. I'm tired of having to move slow. I'm tired of sitting on the couch and having it be very hard to get out of the couch. I'm tired of missing David's All Star practices and missing doing my Team Mom duties. I'm tired of taking meds and vitamins the size of a baby carrot (slight exaggeration there, but that's how it feels)....I take 21+ pills/vitamines a day right now. I'm tired of being nauseous. I'm also tired of being tired.

I hade my first post-op breakdown today. I cried and cried. And Brad was so sweet and just listened to me. He didn't try and offer advise or make me better, he just listened and hugged me (kinda as hugs are pretty much off limits now). :)

As Jenny Thrasher said of herself today - I can also say of myself today:

I am Mrs. Major Crankypants.

I know without a doubt this is all worth it - I'm just in the middle of it now and want it to be over.

Here is my attitude adjustment:

One great thing that has come from this - is I have seen who my greatest friends are. I love the fact that we are being showered with dinners and help. Brad and I haven't had to prepare a meal since the weekend. It's wonderful not having to worry about it. And one friend has taken David off of our hands several times (including him spending the night with her). I have the best girlfriends ever and am so thankful for them.

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