Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Breast Reduction time

Ten years ago I went to a plastic surgeon for a consultation to have a breast reduction. I didn't like him at all (he creeped me out) and it was very important for me to be able to nurse if we ever got for those two reasons I put having the surgery done on the back burner.
Well, I had David and nursed him for 11 months, so looking back I'm really glad I didn't go through with the surgery 10 years go.

In November 2010 I went for a consultation to a different doctor, but didn't like him either.

What is it with plastic surgeons being creepy?

I kinda decided that maybe this wasn't something I should do - I was a little discouraged.

A few weeks later I went to The Fitting Touch (a local bra fitting specialty place) and they highly recommended Dr. Grady Core in Birmingham. They said he sends his patients to them to be fitted after reductions and that he does "really good work". Well that was really good news to me because I want really good work. After some prompting from some friends and family I got up the nerve for a third opinion from Dr. Core in March 2011.

I was very comfortable when I met him, his staff and nurse. I felt absolutely no awkwardness - thankfully! Finally.

He showed me a lot of pictures and from what I saw he does indeed do very good work. Of course it's a little odd looking at tons of before and after pictures of breast reductions...but I had to see what I could expect.

I left his office very encouraged and after talking to Brad about it once again (he has always been supportive of me wanting to have this done) I scheduled the date. May 23rd.

I told some close friends and family members, but didn't broadcast it (it is after all an oddly personal surgery). I also didn't want any unsolicited advise and the people I told I knew would be very supportive through the whole process.

Sunday night my last meal was at 10:00 (yogurt) and couldn't eat until after my surgery. When I got to the hospital I was a nervous wreck, nearly crying and sick to my stomach. Brad was super sweet and just sat with me the whole time. I played on the ipad (which helped) and he read a book.

My surgeon was a little delayed so instead of it starting at 1pm they didn't wheel me back until 3pm. I wasn't out of recovery and in my room until 7:30. That's a long time with no food...and unfortunately, I really like food!

Brad had to leave the hospital at one point to go coach David's 5/6 baseball team in their first playoff game for the second half. We knew about these games when I scheduled my surgery but I had no other options. Mom was with us all weekend and stayed with me at the hospital until Brad got back after my surgery.

Brad and David arrived at the hospital around 8:00 and they brought me a strawberry milkshake (my favorite). I couldn't eat it from my nausea (so thankful the anesthesiologist gave me a fantastic cocktail to avoid me puking). I didn't feel fabulous but at least I wasn't throwing up like I've done in the past after having anesthesia. I did eat that delicious strawberry milkshake around 1am when I finally felt up to eating.

Mom took David home while Brad spent the night at the hospital with me. Other than the hospital room not having a/c (augh!) and them only giving me pain meds every 6-7 hours, when I'm allowed to have it every 4-6 (double augh!) everything was fine.

I came home yesterday around 11am. Mom fixed up our big recliner for me with about 7 pillows. I laid around all afternoon.

David's final playoff game (to determine the champion for the second half of the season) was last night. My bff Cara came to spend the evening with me, while Brad went to coach the team to victory. Cara drove me to the game and took care of me while I was there. I wasn't able to cheer (she scolded me if I did - because I did indeed hurt) and I had to sit still, which I did). I was able to see my boy and his 9 buddies win the game....since we won the first half play offs and the second half playoffs, then we are 2011 5/6 Chelsea Giant CHAMPIONS! It was a good game and I'm so glad I was able to be there (I cried more than I'd like to admit about having to miss his games due to my since I was able to be there it really meant a lot).

Gretchen, a sweet friend of mine and mom to David's best bud, Ethan, let David spend the night with them last night after the game (after she cooked and delivered dinner and pumpkin bread to us), she also took him to school this morning, picked him up this afternoon and let him play at their pool until about 5:30. She's been a God send helping us out.

David his home now playing on the Wii, while I update my blog. Another awesome friend is bringing us dinner tonight.

I will say that all the reading materials I've read say that the second day post op is the worst. I concur. Completely. The swelling is very very painful today (which is day 2). Hoping tomorrow (day 3) will be better. I'm also taking something called VitaMedica (recommended for any plastic surgery) to help in my recovery. I took it 1.5 weeks up to the surgery and will take it for 2.5 weeks after the surgery. The vitamins were expensive, but if I can help in my recovery the $106 didn't seem so bad. This definitely hasn't been fun, but I'm trying to remember why I did this and how it's going to help me in the future (no back pain, ability to wear normal clothes, no shoulder pain, ability to exercise like I want...did I mention no back/shoulder pain?

I am so thankful for my friends and family who have helped out so much already. Brad ended up staying here with me (even though he was supposed to be in Tampa today - something that was scheduled well before my surgery date). I thought I could handle him not being here with the awesome girlfriends I have taking care of me...but when he told me last night that he thought he needed to be here with me I almost cried with relief. And I'm really glad he was home today - being this is my worst day yet. He's been wonderfully helpful and sweet and gentle and he even helped me brush out my hair. :)

Several friends are bringing us dinner, or already have brought us dinner, and some have just sat with me to keep me company and some have helped with David....thankful for all of them too (Lisa, Gretchen, Allison C., Allison G., Jenny, Cathy, and our 5/6 year old baseball mamas, etc). I'm very very thankful for everyone helping out so much now. It makes going through things (even a surgery) so much better. :)


Shelly Powers said...

Oh Bethany I think I am just a little bit jealous about this surgery it is something I have always wanted to do for the very reasons you stated and I had a creepy experience too... I definately want to talk with you later... best of luck to you in your recovery and good luck Chelsea 6u all-stars! ;)

married al said...

I'm so excited for you and your new boobs!

Rachel said...

That's so great! I'm glad it went well. It's definitely a surgery I've considered for one day...but who knows. I hope you feel even better tomorrow!

Katie said...

Aren't husbands the best?! Praying for a quick recovery, lady! So glad you got this done and by a doc you mom's been battling the same thing as you-but with no luck finding a noncreepy doc!