Monday, January 10, 2011

The snow that wasn't

For three days now we've been warned that central and north Alabama (including Birmingham) would be getting between 4-8 inches of snow. This will be more than we've ever seen in Alabama....and we got all excited. We had plenty of food and brought all of our firewood inside, and even got a day off of school and work.

This is what we expected, because of all the hype:

(this picture was from our trip to Boone in February 2010)

While our neighbors 20 minutes away got 6 inches, this is what we got:


Unless you count about 1/4 inch of ice as something. I guess the bright side is Brad, David and I laid around all day in our jammies. Watched some movies. Played some video games. Played card games. Baked cookies. And kept a fire going all day. It's been a pretty good day afterall.

Now it's time to watch the National Championship game. Go AUBURN!

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