Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So that I don't forget

David... turn 6 years old today.
...your favorite color is blue, or orange, depending on the day.
...your favorite fruit is strawberries and pineapple. love playing football and are a darn good center. tell us that you want to go to Samford University and play basketball like Trey Montomery. aren't a big TV watcher, but your favorite TV shows are Americas Funniest Home Videos and Minute to Win it. want a husky. love vanilla yogurt. aren't a huge stuffed animal fan (you only have 3). love green monster smoothies and think it's fun to add the spinach (or as you call them leaves) like for me to rub your back every night while I count to 60 seconds when I tuck you in to bed. don't have best friends - you have best buddies. love to hang out with my girlfriends...and they all adore you. want to marry Allison Kirk (she's engaged and 25 years too old for you, sorry!) are very smart and scored 15 (on letter sounds) and 31 (on letter recognition) on the DIBELS testing for Kindergarten (benchmark was 8 on both). sound like a politician walking through the hallways at school because you know everyone and are sure to say hi to them all. are excellent at playing your Wii games. always want Radar to sleep with you. like to camp and go for hikes. are a good baseball player and made the 5 year old All Star team this year. are a very well behaved little boy, and everyone tells us this all the time. play basketball anytime, anywhere. If there is a ball or anything resembling a ball and a basket or anything resembling a basket, you will play. have great compassion for all animals. love to go on bike rides. have a very sensitive heart. can already count by 2's, 5's and 10's.
...your favorite toys are your DSi and any type of ball (football, baseball, tennis ball, beach ball). know more about college football than I do. haven't lost a tooth yet. only like to sleep in boxers. often think about our three Compassion kids and want to send them more money, you love to get letters from them. have a vivid imagination. are 51 pounds. love all things sports. are finally getting the hang of swimming and can swim under water but are still working on coming up for air. like to paint on canvases, just like mama. wear shoe size 3. are a math whiz, for a Kindergartener. are very healthy and have only been sick twice in your entire life. like to eat healthy foods. told us this year that you are now an Alabama fan because they are the National Champs.
...but you are still a Gator fan! love jumping on our trampoline. like to help me bake. like to watch the garbage truck go by. love your family and say you want to move to Florida so you can live near them. love school and learning. are my heart.

I love this boy.

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Shelly Powers said...

i want some apple butter too... how can i place my order? i love that stuff but i am not too good in the kitchen nor have ever canned before! :)