Friday, September 10, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten First Day of Kindergarten

(I never posted pictures of the first day of kindergarten. Shame on me. Sorry!)

I put my phone next to David with the alarm blaring and he didn't even budge. After rubbing his back, turning on the light and talking to him loudly he finally woke up. That boy loves his sleep, he's just like his mama.
He finally started stirring. For the past 6 months or so he only wants to sleep in his boxers or boxer briefs. I wonder what he'll want to do in the middle of the winter....sleeping with no shirt on isn't very conducive to winter time sleeping.
We laid his clothes on Radar's cage...and actually I pull out all of his clothes every night. It makes getting ready easier in the morning for David and Brad (since I'm already on the road to work by the time they both get out of bed).
Ready to go!
His second day of school was a Friday and his football team was asked to wear their game jerseys. He is so proud to wear it. Now that we are in the swing of weekly games he'll get to wear it to school once a week.

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