Sunday, September 26, 2010

6 Year Old Birthday Fun

Yesterday we celebrated David's 6th birthday at Leeds Memorial Park. It was a great day and the weather was perfect. Being that football is totally consuming our lives right now (which is fine with us and super FUN) he asked for a football party.

We had about 40 people there, half of those being kids. There were family friends, school friends and football friends. The boys had a great time playing chase, throwing the football,

searching for lobsters (aka crawfish, aka water roaches - gross),

playing hiding go seek, hula hooping

and kicking around the soccer balls. The girls had nothing to do with the boys and stayed far far away. I don't blame them. :)

Keeping with the football theme we served football stadium type foods (hot dogs, nachos and cheese, popcorn and football shaped Oreo cookies - which, by the way, aren't as good as original Oreos).

We played Football toss (the kids had to throw the ball through a suspended hula hoop and each time they made it they had to step farther away from the hoop)...the winner was the one who could keep throwing it through the hoop the farthest away.

David won the first time, so I let the kids play again (is it ok that the birthday boy wins at his own birthday party?) Well, he won the second time too.

So we moved onto Hot Football (played like Hot Potato to the Peanut Butter and Jelly song - if you haven't heard it - you's cute).

My dear friend, Emily, came with her daughter Ava. Ava is trying to learn how to walk - and she took two steps for us. Isn't she a doll? Ummmm, yes. Emily made her shirt that says "Team Davis".

And this is my other awesome friend, Cara, holding Ava.

I made David's birthday cake (I always do)...and this year I had planned to just make a football field and draw a big football (in icing) on the top. Instead, Brad challenged me to make a 3-D football for the top of it.

It took 4 cake mixes (yes, I used boxed mixes if anyone cares - they are way better than homemade in my opinion - but I do make my own bought icing isn't nearly as good as my homemade kind - again in my opinion). Can you tell I don't have an english degree? My grammar and punctuation is terrible. But this is my blog - so I can do what I want. :)

Brad originally wanted me to put the football standing up on end. Yeah, right. So this is what I came up with.

And look, I even got the age right this time (unlike I did on his 4th birthday).
Overall, we had a fantastic day celebrating our Big Dave turning 6.

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The Hairstons said...

Happy Birthday to David! You did an awesome job on the cake! I'm not at all surprised though...You do it all!