Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My baby...

....starts kindergarden tomorrow.

I have been so happy to say all summer that I've been more excited for him to start kindergarden than I've been sad. I don't think it's fair to him to be sad.

This is a new and exciting venture for him and life is about to change. He is no longer at pre-school or camp and can show up whenever we get him there. He has to be there in time. He has to do school work. He has to make new friends. He has to grow up.

My very first vivid memories as a kid were kindergarden....and because of this it's been easy for me to be really excited for him. I remember my teacher (Ms. Hess) and what she looked like. I remember the classroom, where I sat, where the lunchroom was, what toys we played with. I remember my dad driving me to school every morning and barely awake enough to walk to the van. I'd actually sleep on the way to school (I've never been a morning person). I remember driving over the bridge right before we turned down the road to school and the sun would glare in my eyes and finally wake me up. I remember my friends (and am actually still in touch with a couple of them). Kindergarden was a good year for me.

Of course, as I sit here less than 12 hours before my baby walks into his kindergarden classroom all those great feelings are still there, HOWEVER, I sit here and want to cry (ok fine, so I am crying). I totally said I wasn't going to be 'that mom'. David has been in school since he was 4 months old. He's an old pro at this and will do completely fine. I'm not sure what it is about me being so emotional now....I guess I worry about him fitting in, finding friends, and learning well. And then there are the overall - how did my baby grow up so fast feelings.


I know it will be a great day for him. I'm going to try not to cry all day. I've already told my friends and co-workers not to ask me about it tomorrow. Or else I'll probably break down. It helps that Brad is doing drop off duty so I don't have to do it. I know, terrible, right? It's for the best because Brad won't cry! :) And I certainly don't want David to see me cry because he's so sensitive that he'd be worried about ME.

On an upside - he has a great teacher. His teacher, Ms. Crawford, just graduated from Auburn and this is her first year teaching. I have complete confidence that she'll do great...and will be great for David. I'm going to try really hard not to email her tomorrow and ask how he's doing. The crazy thing is I've never been a helicopter parent....apparently until now! Ahhh! Here's to hoping that this helicopter stuff is really short lived.


al said...

Ms. Crawford?? I'm sure she'll be fabulous!

Jan @ Family Bites said...

Good luck with the upcoming school year!

The Hairstons said...

I cried the first week of sending Sam to kindergarten1 It is such a big milestone for them! I know David will do great (just like he does at everything I've seen him do) and will love it!