Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter legos

We don't do the Easter Bunny, however, we did get David an Easter present this year....I think it's the first time he's actually gotten a basket on Easter morning. He has baskets, but they are used for all the egg hunts he does around Easter time.

The basket we used was a bit small (just a tad, right?). There really is some Easter grass and candy in the bottom of the basket...but the legos take up the whole thing. On a side note - have you bought a giant box of legos lately? Wow at the prices.
But after seeing his face it's totally worth it. Can you tell he's excited?


al said...

no Easter bunny??? Really?

Bethany said...

Yes, and we don't really "do" Santa either. Oh, the tragedy!

katealbee said...

I love the idea of putting doing a non-candy basket. Why didn't I think of that?!