Monday, April 19, 2010

Dear Pollen: I hate you

Do you see that pretty little picture above with all the nice colors and round shapes? Some are pointy, some smooth, some purple, some green, some yellow. Lovely, huh? Except that crap is stuck in my nose/lungs/eyes and maybe even my brain.

The official pollen season started about 2 weeks ago and it covered everything - our cars, plants, and even inside my house (we've had our windows open for a month now). Yuck. Well, I thought to myself "wow, my allergies aren't bad this year, I've barely sneezed". Until this weekend.

Due to a function in my neighorhood that I volunteered for I was outside for 2 hours Saturday morning. I was miserable. The ladies I was with finally sent me home early to get out of the pollen. Then we had a baseball game in the afternoon. And yesterday we were out and about too.

I took some over the counter allergy meds that didn't work....then went back to the pharmacy and tried a different one. I think it's working - kinda. I'm still having bad symptoms...but probably only at 80% of what I was experiencing on Saturday.

So apparently two weeks ago when everything was yellow wasn't the worst of it. You can still see the pollen now....but being that it's much smaller it has found it's way inside my body and has decided to attack and terrorize me.

I love everything about spring, except this. I wonder if those netti pot things help with allergies? Yuck....but at this point I may try anything. Allison? Help....I know you've used them.

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Rachel said...

So sorry. I feel your pain - although I don't have allergies anymore, I did pre-Ali. It's weird the things that having a baby changes about your body.

btw - where are y'all thinking about moving too?