Monday, February 15, 2010

The greatest weekend

My birthday is two days before Valentine's Day....however Brad makes it feel like it's not. His birthday is two days after Christmas and I'm sure I always make Brad feel like it is. The Christmas holiday always overtakes his birthday. I try to make it special for him, but typically fail at that. He, however, does not disappoint.

On Friday (my birthday) I woke up to a new docking station for my iphone. I can now charge it and listen to the music on it or even listen to a local radio station. It's awesome. I was pleased as punch about it when I hooked it up at work.
I came home early (because it SNOWED) and picked up David around noon. We had about an inch and David and I had a snowball fight and built a tiny snowman. I gathered up some clean snow and will try to make snow icecream soon too. It's currently still frozen in the freezer. David and I made some extra snowballs and when Brad came home we had a quick snowball fight with him.

For dinner Brad invited a great friend of mine (Cara) to go to Bernie's on Main with us. It's my favorite restaurant in Columbiana. The meal was fabulous. We came home and he had bought me my favorite carrot cake from Edgar's Bakery and played on the Wii, then watched some Olympics and Brad had one more present for me. I opened the card (which was lovingly created by David) and saw a picture of my BIG present.....
A MacBook Pro.
I about flipped out. We have been talking about getting a lap top and we threw around the idea of getting a mac, but then Brad dismissed the idea a few weeks back. So this came as a complete shock.
He customized it with an extra program and since he did that it shipped from China. So we should have it at some point this week. I can't wait!
Saturday some good friends watched David for us and we went to dinner at the Melting Pot, then went to see Edge of Darkness (a non-Bethany movie). It was super suspenseful and a good story line. Brad said it was okay but was missing about 45 minutes of "shoot 'em up" action. Of course to him it wasn't suspenseful at all. I guess he's seen enough of that kind of movie to know what was coming. I sat with my eyes covered for 1/4 of the movie and screamed out loud twice.
Sunday we did nothing. Cara came over and we ate lunch together and watched Couples Retreat while Brad played on his PS3 and David napped. He gave me a really cute cookie boquet for Valentine's Day.
This was a great birthday/Valentine's weekend.

Brad made me feel so special all weekend long. I'm off work today since David was out of school, but back to the grindstone tomorrow. At least I have a new computer to look forward to playing with very soon.

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Rachel said...

Wow! What a birthday!!! A Macbook? Nice!

Happy Birthday!!

Chris got me a Carrot Cake from Edgar's a couple of years ago for my b'day too - we should celebrate together! :)