Monday, December 14, 2009


David knows about Jesus. What his little heart understands I'm not really sure...but he tells us he has Jesus in his heart. He knows that Jesus died on a cross for our sins and he knows that Jesus is in Heaven right now.

So last week I was talking to him about a Christmas party we were going to on Sunday at his Sunday School teachers home. On a side note - This sweet couple have been David's teachers since he was a baby. Each year they move up with David's class and they will be with his group until 1st grade. How cool is that? We love Mr. Gary and Mrs. Laurie. Anyhow....I told David that we'd be going to a Birthday party for Jesus at their house. He asked me, very seriously, "Is Jesus going to be there?"

Then, this weekend David spent the night with a good friend so we could go to Brad's company Christmas party. On Saturday night they went to a Christmas performance at their church. During the performance baby Jesus came on the stage. When I picked David up from Holly's he said "Mama, I know that Jesus was here as a baby, then he was a grown up and was a carpenter before he died on the cross....but guess what....I saw baby Jesus last night at church."

Bless that boys heart.

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