Sunday, August 16, 2009

And he's only 4

We went camping last weekend with our normal camping groupies and another friend joined us. KC brought her daughters out for the day and to spend the night on Saturday night.

We had a great day of playing, riding bikes, fishing, grilling out, and swimming in Lake Martin. We even got to see a mama grab a switch (actually it was more of a branch) off of a tree and proceed to whip her kid with it. She wouldn't stay still so mama was chasing her around the beach with it. David learned that day what a switch was...and so did was a first for me to see that.

So fishing was fun and I hate fishing (unless it's in the Gulf where you actually, you know, CATCH something). While fishing the kids got tired of it (I don't blame them) and sat down to watch everyone else.

This is the next thing we of course I grabbed my camera and started shooting.

Keep in mind, David is 4 and Anna is 5. She's an older woman. If they were much older I would have not thought this was funny. But it's okay now, right?

My favorite...

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