Friday, July 17, 2009


We've been busy lately...being professional campers. Three weekends in a row! This is the first weekend this month that we haven't camped - because I had surgery yesterday. I was off work yesterday and today. This is the second time I've had almost the same surgery in two months and the first time I felt much better on day 2, but much worse the day of the surgery. This time around, the day of my surgery was okay (much less throwing up because they gave me a different cocktail of anti-nausea meds) but today has been kinda rough. I'm really dizzy when I stand up and the incision site hurts much more. Thank you, Jesus, for Lortab! It's certainly helping. But they only gave me 10 and I've taken 3 already. :( I'm hopeful that this time my incision will heal correctly and we can be done with all of this.

I am sitting at Brad's computer so I don't have any pictures to share right now. I will try to log on this weekend and post some pictures from our camping trips. I am way behind on the picture sharing.

David has been doing really good - he loves his new school. He's learning a lot and doing a lot of artwork. Every week they have a new theme and the past two weeks have been "Around the World" and "The Solar System". He is excited to learn more about the solar system because Mrs. Lisa (his absolutely fabulous 3k teacher at his old school) started teaching him about the solar system before he left.

He is also making lots of pictures and being really creative. I can't keep everything he makes, but I am going to try to take pictures of everything so we can remember what he makes. Some of his things I plan to frame and hang in his play room. He's a really creative kid and I'm happy that Kindercare really lets them express themselves in a creative way. He'll be in 5k at Kindercare this up coming school year and then will start kindergarden in 2010.

This weekend we are looking forward to going to a birthday party. Lila and Grayson (Amy and Jeremy's twins) are turning 1 year old. The party is at a local park and I know David will love to see them and play at the park. He has asked me more than once if we can have Grayson. He's told us several times he wants a little brother. Adorable!

My sweet friend, Allison, has helped me out by purchasing our gift for the kids. There is no way I could have gone to the store today to buy my gift and she has done that for us. And she's checked on me 4 or 5 times since I've been home.

My good friend, Lisa, has also been wonderful by calling and checking on me many times. She brought us dinner last night and it was so delicious. If you are reading this, Lisa, I really need that recipe. :)

I am so thankful for Allison and Lisa (and Holly, Amy, Christy and Pa) who have called to check on me. Y'all are great. I love you all.

Well, I'm going to run and sleep now (it's kinda nice being able to do that in the middle of the day - I could get really used to this).

I'll get some pictures posted soon. Promise.

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Cassady Family said...

I am a terrible friend! :( I am very sorry that I didn't know you were having your surgery again. Let me know if there is anything I can do. I hope it goes better this time! You will be in our prayers.