Thursday, January 1, 2009

Recent Stuff

I haven't posted in a while, so here's a low down on what's been going on around here:

1) Christmas was great. My dad came into town for the day and Brad's dad rode up from Florida and was here for 5 days. It was nice having them both in town. Unfortunately, the weather was really we were inside a lot. We did manage to get the trampoline put together (and we all jumped a good bit), went to Zoo Light Safari, and went to the gym so David could show Pa Pop his mad basketball skills.

2) We had some old friends visit us a couple days before Christmas. Randle and Brad were good friends all through college and he and Kat moved up north a few years ago. We had completely lost touch with them until we found each other on Facebook a few months ago. They were in town visiting family and it was so nice that they were able to stop by and eat dinner with us while they were here. They have two girls and David loved playing with them....hopefully we'll get to visit with them next time they are in town.

3) On Christmas Eve 5 of my friends and I had the opportunity to go Christmas caroling. The mom of the family we caroled to is battling cancer and her husband wanted this Christmas to be extra special, since it may be her last. I was able to get some friends to go sing at her house. Dave brought his guitar and lead us in singing about 12 songs. It was an amazing opportunity and we were all so blessed by this family. It was hard to find people available on Chrsitmas Eve at 6:30....but I'm thankful to my friends who were able to come (Laura, Dave, John, Trisha, Stewart and my David). We all committed to doing something like this next year too...maybe the day before Christmas Eve so more people can join us.

4) David has learned how to ride his bicycle without training wheels! :) He literally picked his feet up and used his pedals 2 days ago and from then on he can ride! He's still a little slow and can't go too far, but he hasn't fallen yet. He says he's ready for us to take the training wheels off of his dirt bike, but he can't even reach the ground I think we're still at least a few months away from that.

5) Brad got me a (newer and bigger) dirt bike for Christmas and we've been able to go riding twice this week. Monday we went to property once owned by Anniston Army Depot. The place has a ton of acreage with roads and some trails on it. They used to store ammo there, so there are over 120 ammo bunkers...empty and cleaned out and most of them have open doors. It's kinda cool and kinda freaky. We only explored about 1/4 of the property. Ray and Brad are going back tomorrow to check the rest of it out and find the real riding trails. It's a perfect place for David, since the roads and trails are flat and wide. Today we went to The Ridge in Springville. The Ridge has much more challenging trails and I dropped my bike three times. Kinda stinks...but I'm still learning and my new bike seems twice as heavy as my old one and has got to be 6 inches taller.

I have pictures to post, but am having trouble getting them to load so I'll work on getting some up soon. I know most of you just want to see pictures and don't care to read what I write! :) And I'm totally okay with that...since I don't claim to be a writer - at all.

Happy New Year!

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