Monday, December 22, 2008

You'll see

David saw Santa at the Y last week and when he asked what David wanted, David said "a Christmas tree with a train around it". Easy enough. So we went to the store to find one - only to be shocked that they cost about $200 for a Christmas train. So we opted for the much more manly Cat (as in the construction company - not the feline) version. It's big enough to go around our tree, has tractors on it, is bright yellow and best of all was only $29.99. We bought it before Christmas, which as you will read below, may have been a mistake. But we wanted him to enjoy it for more than a day - after all, I'm ready to get my Christmas stuff taken down the day after Christmas.

Brad asked David again last night what he wanted Santa to bring him and he continued to say "a Christmas tree with a train around it". We explained that he already has a train around his tree and Santa wouldn't bring him another one...that would be silly. So Brad asked again and David said "You'll see". Apparently, the kid has already told Santa what he wants but he won't share it with us. I asked a couple more time and he just continued to say "You'll see". He's kinda secretive I suppose. Hopefully, he's asked Santa for a basketball goal - because that's what he's getting.

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