Thursday, November 27, 2008

I am thankful

While eating turkey (which by the way was the best I've ever made) we were talking about things we were thankful for. David told us he is thankful for mama, daddy, Sammydog, Kitty, Radar, our house, food, God, the sun, many family members and friends (which he named one by one) and my Pooh bear slippers. Good thing the slippers made the list - I was wondering if he was thankful for them.

I am so thankful for so many things too. I am thankful for everything David is thankful for above (although I could find some different things to replace my 12 year old Pooh slippers) - but after spending three weeks in three different Central and South American countries this summer and last - I am also thankful for simple things like clean running water, a roof over my head, my job, and my health. These are things I've often taken for granted, but I shouldn't. God has blessed me and my family immensely and I don't tell Him thank you enough.

On a sad note - last week the mom of one of David's little friends in his class was murdered. Her daughter, Faith Marie, is 3 and has lost her mom forever. My heart is broken for this little girl and her dad. Please take some time to pray for this family. I'm sure that today is especially hard for the entire family as they celebrate their first Thanksgiving without Emily.

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