Saturday, November 22, 2008

Basketball and Demolition (luckily not at the same time)

David has started playing basketball this fall at the local gym. He was very excited about the first practice but when we got there he was a little clam and wouldn't participate. He started like this - holding the ball and not looking at anyone....
Or only at us....
Then his coach got him to shoot some baskets....He opened up to the kids and actually started enjoying it with about 5 minutes left in the practice. His second practice went much better and he was being a little champ on the court. We think he's really going to enjoy playing. His first game in December 13th.

So about a year after we started talking about it we are finally building bookshelves in the office. This was day one - David helped Brad rip up the carpet and molding. I'll post more pictures as we make progress.

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