Friday, October 10, 2008

The Ridge

We went riding this weekend at The Ridge with some friends. We had a great time. David, Brad and myself rode our new toys for the first time...and John and Trisha mainly rode the go kart. David did amazingly well on his dirt bike on the pee wee track. He did have his first crash - it was traumatic, but he got up and within a few minutes was riding again. He didn't accelerate fast enough up a hill and just kinda slid backwards down to the bottom until his bike turned over. He says he was safe because of the helmet and gear he was wearing, and he's right.

Our friend, John, took my bike on the pee wee track and jumped it a couple times, but I couldn't let him show me up. So I tried as well....I didn't get much air but it was...SO. MUCH. FUN.

Next weekend we are going to Durhamtown to ride with Brad's family. I am really looking forward to that and hoping for no broken bones.

Here are some pictures from The Ridge. It was an absolutely perfect day outside. We rode, ate a picnic lunch and rode some more.

I think in this picture they were watching me ride the pee wee track. Brad is probably laughing at me for almost wiping out in the sand in one of the corners.
David's first ever trail. He got stuck on some ruts a little further up on this trail and Brad had to push him out.
Brad and little man.
David is winning the race on the pee wee track.
The boys.

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