Saturday, August 2, 2008


Last night we went to a local rodeo. While it wasn't the best one we've been to, it was still pretty fun. Some friends and their two boys joined us. They had never been to a rodeo before. I feel that it's my duty to introduce all of my friends to real Alabama entertainment. First - dirt track racing, second - a rodeo, third - I'm really not sure what's next...any suggestions?

They had a race where kids would ride bear back on a sheep. It was so hilarious. The pictures we got weren't great, but you can sort of see this boy on his way falling off his sheep. One boy stayed on much longer than 8 seconds and won the award, which was probably just some nasty beef jerky. David's favorite part of the rodeo is the bull riding and he kept asking all night when the bulls were going to come out. At one point a bull was bucking his rider so close to the fence we were sitting in front of that I almost got up and ran backwards for fear it was going to buck him right over the fence and into our laps.

Brad got a series of pictures of this guy riding one of the bulls. They are blurry because of all the action, but you can still see the end result - a face plant into the rodeo floor which is covered in hay, dirt and lots of other lovely things. This was pretty much the result of most of the bull riding.

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