Monday, August 4, 2008


We have a new family member. We initially were just planning to foster him for a few weeks until an adoptive family stepped forward; however, we instantly fell in love with him...and are planning to adopt the boy. He is mainly black lab and his name is Radar and he's about a year old. He's great with David, Sammydog and Garfield. He's very playful, which is fun, but is over the potty training stage, thankfully! He's yet to chew up my running shoes or the remote control or David's favorite toy - so we're in good shape so far. David tells everyone that he has a new dog and he wants them to come see Radar. David actually calls him Raydog most of the time. I guess that's because Lucy was Lucydog and Sammy is Sammydog to us. So Raydog fits. I know the picture doesn't do him justice, but he has the coolest bright blue eyes. We're pretty sure that he's apart of our home for good, we just need to officially adopt him in the next few weeks. The agency we are working with is AAAS, if you have any interest in fostering through them their website is: It's definitely been a good experience for us.

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