Thursday, August 14, 2008

I can't get enough....

So I’ve pretty much spent every waking (non-working) moment since Friday watching the Olympics. I am mesmerized by it – the patriotism, the competition, the pride. But seriously - men’s synchronized diving? Really? That’s ridiculous. Diving is cool and all…but I guess they thought it would be even cooler if two people did it at the same time. Interesting. I thought one day I’d be an Olympic diver. I was 8 and took lessons at the local pool….obviously it didn’t work out – I could never quite get the pike down pat. I could dive off the edge of the pool in Vero Beach like a mad-woman as a teenager (love you Schumacher family for all the fun times)…I was just always terrified of busting my head open wide on the side of the pool….plus I’d get so dizzy after just doing one simple backflip. I was never made to flip in circles multiple times….sadly my dreams of an Olympian ended as a kid. I don’t have the endurance either….wish I did.

I love all things water sports (except the aforementioned men’s synchronized diving – I think that’s just weird) – especially Michael Phelps. He’s amazing and I hope he wins all the gold he’s shooting for. I’d love to know what music he listens to on his ipod before he competes. Maybe some journalist will ask him so that I can know. I could use some upbeat songs to help me get through my 5k training program right about now.

I will be sad once the water sports are over, but then we always have badminton (which by the way I took at Samford along with racquetball – it’s the only class Brad and I ever took together – I was terrible and no one wanted me on their team), handball (which I think is another word for racquetball – Brad and I currently play and are thinking about trying out for the Olympics in 2012) and two that I can’t wait to see: trampoline and table tennis. Those two just make me laugh – that there would actually be an Olympic sport for them.

I hope are also enjoying the Olympics – after all – it only happens once every 4 years – so you better get your fill between now and August 24th when all the fun ends.

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