Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Faces of Los Mochis, Mexico

So I know that I've haven't actually written anything about my trip yet (I will)....I wanted to go ahead and get some pictures posted of these precious people that we met in Mexico. Most of these pictures are of the kids that we met during our time in Siglo XXI and Praderas (the two villages we worked in).
Tim (with our group) letting Ramon listen to his ipod. They were fast friends and Ramon hung around Tim pretty much the whole time. He even started to sing along to some of Tim's rap music.
Omar, one of the brothers we worked with and pastor of the church in the community of Praderas is playing the guitar and singing songs with the kids:
This is my sweet friend, Marthe. We both tried so hard to communicate with each, but she mostly just wanted to sit next to me whenever we were having a lesson:
This is Ringo - he is the one kid that everyone got to know. He was friends with all the kids and us adults and loved the attention....I think he's holding his little brother:

I want to go back....

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