Thursday, July 3, 2008

A conversation with David

Last night on the way home David kept talking about some other house that he wants to live in. He tells me all the time that he wants to go to his friend - Preston's house. He's never been there before, but he claims to know where he lives. Apparently if you turn right (instead of left like we always do) out of his school's parking lot it will take you directly to Preston's least that's what David thinks.

So at dinner last night David proceeds to tell us that he's going to get a new house where he can ride his dirt bike to (a dirt bike he doesn't even have yet). The conversation goes something like this (and by the way, I'm horrible at remembering things - especially conversations but this is what I can remember):

David: "I'm going to build a house."
When asked where his house would be he said "Near Preston's house".
We asked him what he was going to build his house with - he wasn't sure so we suggested wood and concrete. He agreed.
Dad: "How many rooms will your house have in it?"
David: "Four."
Dad: "Who are the rooms for?"
David: "Me, you and mama, Preston and Rayne." (those are his two best friends of the week)
Dad: "How many bathrooms will it have?"
David: "Ten."
Mama: Ten? Seriously? I think that's a bit overkill.
He also said it was going to have a pool, trampoline, dirt bike track and playground in the backyard.
I think I want to live there - especially with that pool - but cleaning 10 bathrooms does not sound appealing - so I'll stick with the 3 we have now.

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