Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Does Jesus have a phone?

The other night while saying our prayers David wanted me to say the prayer by myself (typically he wants to repeat after me or sometimes even voice it himself) I did. In the middle of my prayer, little man stopped me and said "Mama, are you talking to Jesus?" I said yes. He said "Then why aren't you talking to Him on the phone." I explained that we don't need to call Jesus on the phone to talk to Him and that He is always ready to listen to us no matter where we are. This is something that I'm learning right now myself...I want to have the kind of relationship with Christ where I can talk to him at any second of the day and it doesn't have to a big long formal prayer. The relationships with my friends aren't formal - and I want to feel like I'm friends with Him. I also want to have faith like a child - like my three year old. I'm not sure David's little mind was able to grasp it, but I'm glad he asked. It was a sweet moment that I won't soon forget.

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