Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Stone Mountain

This past weekend we took a last minute trip to spend some time with my dad that was long overdue. We took him to Stone Mountain and had a great time. We rode the train, played in the barn, rode the sky lift, ate a killer meal at the restaurant, rode the Ducks, walked around the little village, and listened to some banjo playing singers. There was a lot more to do but we just didn't have time.

Here's dear old dad:
David and Brad (on the sky lift - they both did well - I thought at one point Brad was going to puke....he's not big on heights and especially big buses - or trams as they call it - that hang from a 1.92 inch thick rope some 1,800 feet above the ground):
At the top - David was interested in the hawks we saw flying around and especially the dirt and sand:
Back down the Mountain...it might be hard to make out, but the carving is behind his right shoulder:
Ride the Ducks. This was everyone's favorite part of the day. They have these cool WW2 vehicles that ride on land and water. Some even have bullet holes still in them. Our driver was so flipping hilarious and he kept us all laughing. We all got a little wet when we went from land to water. He even let David get up there and push the horn. He was going to let him steer while we were in the water, but David was not sure about that.
They give you these really fun quackers that make LOTS of noise. They are fun while you are riding the Ducks, but not when you are in your personal vehicle on the way home or sitting down in the living room and a little 3 year old finds the quacker and decides to use it again. This is David blowing as hard as he could to make the loudest quack of them all. Check out those chubby cheeks....

The boy likes putt putt golf. Our first time was with some good friends, Daniel and Andrea in Pigeon Forge, TN. David got a hole in one last time, but didn't fare so well this time. He needs to work on his swing. As you can see - he thinks the golf ball is somewhat like a baseball. We had to stop him a couple of times from swinging directly into our shins.

And of course, the most famous part of Stone Mountain - the carving. They say you can sit two school buses on the read end of the middle horse. Now I'd like to see that.
We had a great time hanging out with my dad and we are all still talking about it - especially David. Hopefully we'll do it again soon.

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