Monday, May 26, 2008

State Park

We went to our State Park today to feed the fish (although the fish didn't want our fish food) and see the animals. They have a great 'working' farm there. They have pigs, sheep, donkeys, (many) goats, chickens, roosters, ponys and ducks. All of these animals, with the exception of the pigs, are out in the field and you can walk up to them and pet and feed them as much as you want. Sometimes they are more interested in you then you are in them (the goats can be aggressive when they know you have food for them).

We were greeted by this beauty - it had it's feathers like this the entire time we were there....Brad said he thinks this is a sign of aggression. It did kind of shake it's booty at me when I got to close, but never tried to attack.
It's definitely spring - as there were tons of babies (goats, donkeys and lambs). Here is mama and her two babies, they didn't move while we were there, but some of the other babies were very active and playing. David wasn't so sure about feeding the animals - as I said before, they can be aggressive and definitley could knock a 3 year old over. So he started with this sheep behind a fence to work up his courage:
Then we saw my two favorite animals in the entire place...I was able to pick each of these up and they are no bigger than our kitty...the farmhand said they were about 4 weeks old:
David became more and more brave and finally fed a donkey and several other goats, including this one:

We had a great time visiting the Park. This afternoon we are having some friends over and will grill out and let David and their boys play.

I hope you had a great Memorial Day.

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