Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Snow & Feet

The other day during bath time I put some extra body wash in the bathtub which resulted in extra bubbles for David to play with. He started covering all of his toys - specifically his cars with the soap and said it looked like snow. Until 2008 the boy had never seen snow before and this year alone it's snowed in Alabama twice (highly unusual) and we saw snow in Gatlinburg in February. So since he's seen it 3 times he knew what he was talking about. I got my camera out to take some pics of the snow covered toys and here is one...he was very proud of his snow covered toys.....
THEN, he begged me to take a picture of his foot - so I did and I've posted it for all to see. I didn't focus on his foot because his face is so much cuter....but at least the foot is in the picture. He'd be happy.

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