Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fasher como

Yesterday on the way home from school David was saying “fasher como” over and over again. I kept asking him to say it slower so I could try to understand what he was saying. I originally thought maybe his teacher taught him a word in a different language….since como means something in spanish. He was so proud that he had learned this new word or phrase and wanted me so badly to repeat it after him. I’m not sure what made me think about this, but about 20 minutes into the ride and after he had stopped saying it I asked him if what he was saying was “flush the commode”. He said YES and got very excited that I finally understood him. So I guess as a 3 year old flush the commode does kinda sound like fasher como.
Last night each time he went potty I reminded him to flush the commode. I think he liked the idea that he taught me something new.
There’s nothing better than learning from your child – especially when he’s three. I love it!

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