Thursday, March 1, 2012

Leap Day 2004

Brad posted this on Facebook last night and I had to share here too:

Spent my 5 hour drive tonight reflecting on Leap Day 2004. It is truly a miracle that I lived through that day. It's so easy to remember the pain and lasting physical limitations of that wreck, but so many great things came out of that. Bethany and I met people who touched our lives (like Bill and Debbie Serena, Tami Jo and the whole PT staff) and learned tough lessons on patience and how God's plan and timing is far superior than our own. So thankful to all those who pitched in to get us through (Ray and Mike - who kept me awake on that mountain and kept Jim Bob the volunteer paramedic away from me), Lyn and Mickey for countless hospital visits and keeping Bethany sane, my dad for dropping everything and getting here to sit with me 24/7 at the hospital and buying me my chair that would be my home for several months, and especially to the most amazing wife who sacrificed so much to get me through, all while being pregnant with David. So thankful for the past 8 years.

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