Sunday, February 12, 2012


That's how old I am.  Today.  And yesterday I was 32.  So you know what that means, right?

My Brad spoiled me and surprised me with so much.  It was an entire birthday weekend.  First, we went to dinner with friends (as we do every Friday night) but ALL of my closest friends were there to surprise me.  I walked in and was shocked to see everyone and THEN saw my favorite father-in-law!  He drove 9 hours to come for my birthday weekend.

We ate some great food, had some adult beverages and Gigi's cupcakes.  Then I was gifted some great birthday gifts.  Seriously, I'm too old for birthday gifts (but I'll take them!).  Even got two new fantastic lenses for our camera.  :)  It was a GREAT night....I am thankful to Brad for making it happen and for my friends for being there and making the evening even better.

Saturday started with David's basketball game at 8:00 (his team won), then we had to be downtown for him to finish his last mile of the Mercedes Kid's Marathon at 10:00.  At 6:00 pm we had a baseball practice (and it was 33 degrees outside), then we went out for BBQ.

I am spoiled.  And blessed.  And thankful.


Ava, me and Emily....

My favorite tweens....these girls are awesome.

Me and my man.  He's really happy, he just hates pictures and never smiles for them.  

And for the rest of the pictures, check them out on Facebook.  


Allison Crawford said...

happy happy birthday!! Glad you had an awesome weekend! There is a huge picture of you and Brad in the middle of your post (not sure if that was on purpose, but the same pic is in normal size at the bottom of the page.) xoxo

Rachel said...

Happy birthday!! That sounds like a fantastic birthday weekend!!