Thursday, November 10, 2011

The end of an era...

...okay, so that's a bit extreme.  But the era of the 2011 season of Chelsea K/1 football is over.  But that's kind of a long blog post title so I went with the more dramatic "end of an era" one.  You are welcome.

Our boys made it to the playoffs....and they played Hoover on Tuesday night in the first round.  Hoover won.  Hoover is undefeated and are just a really good team.  My little guy had a rough game....the Hoover players were just pounding him (and a few of the other ball carriers) like crazy.  This whole season he never came off the field with an injury but during two tough hits he was crying pretty badly about his he sat out for one play.  He turned out to be okay, but between him getting hurt, getting pounded on the field and the big loss (and our first shut out) he was pretty emotional at the end of the game.  BROKE.  MY.  HEART.  After the game we went to dinner with "the group" to celebrate our great season....and he was fine by the time we got to dinner.

We ended the season winning more than we lost (5 wins, 3 losses).

This was Brad's first year head coaching and David's first year as I'd say they both did great.  Brad did a really good job recruiting some awesome guys as his assistant coaches - which really helped to make the season what it was.  

While I am truly sad the season is over I am looking forward to some down time between now and when basketball starts in December.  I have a lot of Christmas gifts to work on.  :)

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