Wednesday, November 23, 2011

DIY Half Apron

I found this lovely tutorial on one of my favorite blogs...and I decided I needed to make a few for Christmas gifts for my nieces.  

I picked three non-matchy matchy fabrics, which work together well.  Then got to cutting and sewing.  I followed Raechel's tutorial and it was perfect.  I thought about taking step by step pictures of my own, but I would never create a tutorial as good as hers and, really, what's the point?  If you want to make this apron, go here:  HALF APRON TUTORIAL by Raechel Myers.  

Here is the finished product.

David tried it on.

So did W.

And another picture of the curtains in my kitchen modeling the apron.  :)


Raechel said...

The fabrics look great together! You did a great job! Thank you for sharing! :)

married al said...

I love your models!! I've been wanting to make an apron for a while. You've inspired me.